What is Daily Doge?

As one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies, with the largest online community, Dogecoin has seen a massive influx of adoption. Charities, businesses, and Doge themed events. But which ones are legitimate and safe? How do you find out which ones are scams?
our goal is to delve into each of these things and provide you with the highest quality Doge content provided by the community.
We offer several several community-driven features, designed to provide you with the most comprehensive data available.
Check out some of the details below ⤵️

Dogecoin Events

Since taking off in early 2021, people around the world are engaging in a variety of different events and local activities. Festivals, booths, and more are popping up all over the place. How do you know that Dogecon East isn’t the next Fyrefest, and how do you find out if an event is going to feature Dogecoin?
We’re inviting all organizers to come here and put their event on display for the entire community to find, become educated on and talk about.

Dogecoin Businesses

New businesses are starting up every day, and more of them are offering support for Doge. That’s great news for all of us here, but with the ease of creating a business, there comes an inherent risk of fraud. Who’s to say the business you’re shopping at isn’t a scam? Outside of Instagram and Twitter, how do you even find a business that accepts $DOGE?
Our catalog of businesses brings the important information you need about each business, each submission is pre-screened by us, helping to cut back on the filtering of spam and junk websites you encounter.

Dogecoin Charities

Our charity submissions feature the Dogecoin community at its best. Giving back to those in need and helping folks around the globe. Each charity is verified prior to being added, helping ensure that your interactions are happening with a legitimate organization.

Daily Doge Community

The forum on Daily Doge offers an additional way for community engagement. Interact with the charities, businesses, and organizers that are helping to turn Dogecoin into the greatest community the world has seen. Get your questions answered, find out additional details, spend some time learning about crypto, OR JUST HANG OUT.

Learning Center

The Daily Doge cryptocurrency learning center offers a great selection of educational resources and courses, answering all your crypto answers and giving you the tools needed to get started with Dogecoin.

As of June 6, 2021, not all areas are complete, several are operating in a Beta format. Check back often for updated.

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